Public section

Public section

Project deliverables

In the course of the project, the project deliverables will be shared on this page.

The public deliverables are described in the following list according to the different phases of LA implementation (Elias, 2011). You can find the downloadable documents in the Google Drive section below.

Log in to Google Drive using your gmail account. Click on the Google Drive folders and files to download.

If a message ‘App is not verified’ appears, click on ‘Advanced’ and on ‘Go to (unsafe)’. Click on ‘Accept’. The Vital project cannot see your Google Drive files.

You can also use this public link.


Step 1 – Select data

  • Summary course design description
  • Pedagogical tracking design:
    • Indicators, course and student metadata & research questions
    • Needs analysis Learning dashboards
  • Technical tracking design

Step 2 – Capture data

  • Action plan Legal & ethical aspects Learning Analytics
  • Data logging and logging in open source Learning Record Store “Learning Locker
  • Pilot report

Step 3 – Aggregate & report

  • Methodology report (Data dictionary, use of Disco PM visualisation tool, methodology cluster analysis): see Step 7 – Share
  • Pedagogical interpretation
    • Summary of findings – EN
    • Samenvatting bevindingen – NL

(Step 4 – Predict)

Step 5 – Use

Step 6 – Refine

Evaluation report students & instructors

Step 7 – Share

Recommendations & deliverables for reusability

  • VITAL model xAPI recipe
  • Recommendations report – Process mining algorithms & tools for LA
  • Example R-package for statistical and process-mining analysis (UHasselt vignettes as separate PDFs)
  • Learning Analytics metrics in R – instructions for reuse of example R-package
  • Dashboard project




Links to the webinar recordings


Dr John Couperthwaite, learning consultant at Pebble, 18 March 2016. 


Watch the recording here.


Dr Niall Sclater, E-Learning Consultant, 14 April 2016


Watch the recording here.


Professor Dragan Gasevic, Edinburgh University, 13 May 2016

“Challenges of Learning Analytics”

Watch the recording here.


Dr Bart Rienties, Reader at the UK Open University, 10 June 2016

“The impact of learning design on student behaviour, satisfaction and performance: a cross-institutional comparison across 151 modules”

Watch the recording here.


Dr. Bert Bredeweg, associate professor at the University of Amsterdam, 30 September 2016, 1 pm UK/2pm CET

“Learning Analytics pilot with Coach2 – Searching for effective mirroring”


Watch the recording here.


Needs analysis


Fill in our needs analysis questionnaire (Learning Analytics and learning dashboards)