Live demo

Live demo

How does xAPI work and how can learning data be visualised?

To experience how your online activities as a learner are logged as xAPI statements,

  • make the “Little exercise” under menu item “What is”
  • or watch the interactive animation and try to answer the questions.
  • Then log into Learning Locker using the following credentials:
  • Click on Data > Source to view your own activity statements. Your activities are added live to the Learning Record Store as you navigate and use the website.
  • Click on Data > Dashboards
    to view an example dashboard displaying some basic analytics of the website learning activities

In this configuration, learning activities are only logged from one learning provider or client (i.c. the project website, for demo purposes). xAPI enables activities from learners to be logged from the different learning platforms they use, including LMSs, online learning environments, mobile apps, social media.

The new Learning Locker Saas platform by HT2Labs provides data aggregation and visualisation functionalities and also has a data exporting functionality to further analyse the data with external reporting and visualisation tools or to connect with other Learning Record Stores or BI tools.

More info can be found here.