Day 30 Mar 2017

Day 30 Mar 2017

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Tom Pennings, president & founder of Onsophic (

“Making technology part of the fabric of education and training”

In 2010 several Silicon Valley veterans joined forces to rethink the world of education and how technology could truly be applied to the learning process setting the scene for the early EdTech startup Onsophic Inc. Today the company is helping large organizations scale education across thousands of learners thanks to a highly flexible and sophisticated data collection, analysis and recommendation engine. What was the process, what discoveries were made, how to develop the most androgogically sound framework (Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, Hess’ Cognitive Rigor Matrix) and can data help with personalizing, curating, and retaining knowledge (Ebbinghaus) in the different forms of learning?


Tom is an entrepreneur who has co-founded several startups in both Europe and the US. He has over a decade of experience working on software engineering projects for companies such as Borland (U.S.), Google (U.S.) and EVS (Belgium). Along with broad technical expertise and a passion for people, Tom excels in business networking and thrives on change. With a razor-sharp focus on innovation and a family history in education, Tom’s hell-bent on leveraging the power of technology to enable better learning through data in his latest venture Onsophic.


JOIN IN ON 21/04/2017 at 3 pm UK/4 pm CET

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