Month October 2016

Month October 2016

Recording VITAL webinar by B. Bredeweg

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  • dr. Bert Bredeweg, associate professor at the University of Amsterdam, 30 September 2016, 1 pm UK/2pm CET

“Learning Analytics pilot with Coach2 – Searching for effective mirroring”

Coach2 project investigated usability and effectiveness of Learning Analytics in a group of Bachelor courses in the area of Computer Science. An advanced architecture was developed and implemented, including a standalone Learning Record Store for data storage and easy access to miscellaneous data, Machine Learning techniques for determining relevant predictors, and a dashboard for informing learners. The overall approach was based on mirroring, the idea that learners see themselves operating in the context of their peers. The results were informative in terms of pro’s and con’s regarding the design and approach. The treatment showed tendencies, but finding statistical significant results turned out difficult. This paper reports on the Coach2 project.


Dr. Bert Bredeweg is an associate professor within the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam leading the Qualitative Reasoning Group. His research focus is the development of tools and expertise that supports the acquisition of conceptual understanding of dynamic systems through conceptual modelling and simulation. Topics of interest include: Artificial intelligence in education / Intelligent tutoring systems, Computational thinking / Systems thinking, Intelligent interaction / Human computer interaction, Knowledge representation and reasoning / Knowledge capture and Learner & User modelling / Cognitive diagnosis.

Watch the recording here