Day 20 May 2016

Day 20 May 2016

Symposium “The Future of Learning”

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The Future of Learning: Critical Perspectives on Higher Education in the Digital Age

This interdisciplinary symposium will address a range of topics of current interest across higher education and learning, including gamification, social networking, learning analytics and the future of online learning. Among the plenary speakers are Hayo Reinders, Stephen Bax and Jozef Colpaert. Prof. Colpaert’s presentation will be recorded and available after the event on this website.

Title: The future of content, data and learner analytics in an educational engineering perspective

Learning analytics can be discussed in terms of standards, object models, database structures and API’s, but this presentation will use a different, double, angle of attack: Big Data and educational engineering. Jozef Colpaert will first present his view on the difference between data, content and information. Big Data stands for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. In education, we use the term for an overwhelming emergence of available data: (interactive) learning content, MOOCs, OERs, Open Data, authentic documents, Internet of Things, learner analytics, portfolio’s, research data etc. Which consequences will this data-driven world entail for the design of our learning and teaching environments?

Secondly, the question is which data should be logged, why and how. Many applications store more data than we can ever analyze. In an educational engineering approach, only these data are being stored which might be relevant for validating our hypotheses which underpin our designs.

Prof. dr. Jozef Colpaert teaches Instructional Design, Educational Technology and Computer Assisted Language Learning at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He is editor of Computer Assisted Language Learning (Taylor and Francis) and organizer of the International CALL Research Conferences. He is currently working on the empirical and theoretical validation of Educational Engineering, a novel instructional design and research method.

University of Central Lancashire – Preston, UK

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