First VITAL webinar

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First VITAL webinar  by Dr John Couperthwaite on 18/03/2016. Watch the recording here.

“Exploring the educational possibilities of learning analytics” 

Whilst much attention has been given to study of learning analytics to “discover information and social connections, and to predict and advise on learning” (Siemens, 2010), are we over-looking the potential of analytics for learning ? The application of business management analysis techniques into educational informatics has assumed that graphic-rich dashboards of programme-related information will yield meaningful insights for managers, educators, and their students. At the same time, there is a growing disconnect between our learning management systems and the academic support of our students, making it difficult for the learner to make sense of their data, and for the educator to provide timely and effective support. This webinar will examine how the rapidly growing arena of learning analytics is shaping the design of educational tools. It will demonstrate how these tools vary significantly in their approach to data representation, purpose and level of user interaction. Related initiatives from groups, such as JISC, Educause and Solar, are seeking to improve the quality and consistency of the use of learning analytics across the education sector, but without a clear indiction of how the learning process can be supported. The supplier perspective will also be considered, as the move to new standards for data integration provides greater possibilities for sharing between systems and offers new contexts for learning.

Open to everyone.

Join in on 18/03/2016 at 12 am UK time/1 pm CET

Watch the Recording of the webinar

Dr John Couperthwaite is a learning consultant at the global educational software company, PebblePad. His work includes helping to improve the user experience of over 70 UK HEIs using PebblePad, leading projects in employability, admissions and social media, and supporting the global user community. John was formerly an Educational Technology Manager for over 10 years in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham.